Wrap One’s Head Around It

$3,476.00 (unframed)

Size: 16 x 20
Medium: Dye Infused Tempered Glass Print
Date: 2018
Edition: 50



Product Description

Behold the profile of a young man immersed in an introspective moment while seeing what division, and fear looks like all around him.

How can one wrap their head around defending truth and justice? How can one remain clear minded upholding their beliefs and values when society lays out a land mine of mixed messages? These are all vital questions.

This glass print explores the phrase “To wrap one’s head around it“. This is a notion that expresses ones need to take time to comprehend something that is challenging or confusing.

Those that can’t wrap their heads around it, fall into a landmine of misunderstandings, misguidedness and delusion.

The turban in this piece stands as a symbol for the Gordian knot. One doesn’t have to cut the Gordian knot to come up with solutions that lead one to think outside the box. The legend of the Gordian knot is associated with Alexander the Great. Who so ever unraveled the knot, according to legend, would rule the world. The term cutting the Gordian knot is usually told as a justification of a bravura style of leadership. There is another pathway to empowerment and strength no longer defined by the bravado of unraveling the knot, but rather to demonstrate inclusivity. Placing the Gordian knot on ones head metaphorically empowers one to find one’s own voice, because only then, will one know how to wrap one’s head around it.


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