This is Your Horn

$4,840.00 (unframed)

Size: 29.5h” X 40w”
Medium: Metal Print
Date: 2017
Edition Size: 75
Hand Touched: N/A



Product Description

This statement pigment, printed on metal, depicts a selection of imagery: the dramatic scenery of a stormy sea; bamboo branches; and a fragmented musical instrument. These elements convey a surreal expression from an up-and-coming artist who contemplates the appreciation of art collectors’ connection with art. The bamboo represents the artist’s’ growth, the dramatic high tides represents the high energetic personality of an art collector and the Horn represents the quest of an art collector and its effect on an artist they collect.

Thoughts from the artist, and inner dialogue:
“It’s a little bit new to me this feeling of being an artist. I’ve just begun making art thus far, so there is not a lot of works. I’d like to fill homes with a bountiful collection. I sat on these rocks and got splashed by the waves. The winds’ been quite invigorating while I imagined this grand horn above me. It’s for people like you that blow a melodic verse toward me. So excuse me for wondering, what is it that you see that you like? Is it the bamboo I brought back from an art exhibition in China or the horn from the jazz age? For all of you Art Collectors symbolically tooting one’s horn…you’re one of a kind.”

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