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Size: 18″ x 18″ each
Medium: Pigment Print
Date: 2017
Edition Size: 150
Hand Touched: Available with Pastel



Product Description

This triptych is designed for a Lake Tahoe inspired lifestyle. Each Tartan patterned image is hand touched with pastel, gouache and crayon. The source materials used for the compositions include; Tartan patterns, American quilts and microscopic snowflake crystals captured by a high-powered super high-resolution camera.

Act One:Tahoe Blue

Allow me to describe the telltale sign of snow falling. It’s the brink of winter. The start of winter moves you. The cold has sharpened the senses, not destroyed nor dulled them. Above all is the acute sense of hearing. In that moment of wonder, you hear the voices of Greek Sirens, and then see their faces projected in fragmented snow crystals. How can one feel so alive when nature is dying before them by ice and cold? As the beholder, one sees snow as completely separate from the cold, and as a source of the infinite, able to call up wisdom. You commit to the perfect discovery of abstraction and embrace the power of a growth mindset.

Act Two: Tahoe Forest

I came to hike in the sierras with friends, but never left. I often go into the woods to study tranquility and bliss. People stay who have a conscience, and those who visit clear their conscience. To people who live in polluted places, Tahoe is still a dream, the Eden of the great West. I’m in a Tahoe state of mind, free from captivity. Beyond the evergreens floating stars shine in the west. This wilderness needs a Crest to symbolize the resistance that shines a light throughout nature’s kingdom. Here is that Crest.

Act Three:Tahoe Festive
A poem

Compassion is a cherished blanket in which we give.
Should new acquaintances be forgotten and never brought close to heart?
I’ll raise a hand of kindness yet, for times gone by.
Every winter you greet me. You ask how I flourish and grow.
I tell you that water reflects the light in me but its snow within my spirit that makes it shine.
Take your celebrations to heart.
This is how you weave patterns of meaningful experiences.
May they radiate and thrive.

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