Splendor of a Sparrow’s Sabbath

$3,740.00 (unframed)

Size: 22 x 30
Medium: Pigment Print on Canvas, Hand-touched
Date: 2018
Edition: 25



Product Description

This statement canvas celebrates the ritual of taking time off work, enjoying a moment of meditative rest. Gilded doors open up to a radiant sunrise as these sparrows observe every saturday as a sacred spiritual awakening. These sparrows have a saying ,“No one will put you in heaven or in hell so it doesn’t matter if they tar your feathers today or tomorrow.”

Let me share with you the song these sparrows sing:

Sunrise sharpens,
Elevates each sensation
Sunlight stirs, awakens the imagination
Silently the sun rays abandon my defenses
Slowly calmly, soaring unfurls Its grandeur

Turn your eyes away
From the tiresome work of day
Turn your thoughts away
From pursuits of your mind
And raise your spirit to the sky

Close your eyes
Purge your thoughts of the life
You know of power and performance
Open your eyes
Let your sparrow spirit start to soar

Gently, deftly
Breathe it, savor it
Sacredly possess you

Open up your soul
Let your soul start a journey
Through a brave new world
Leave all possessions of the world
You knew before
Let your spirit take
You where you long to be

Only then can you believe in me

Hoovering, descending
Soft intoxication
Rest with me
Savor each sensation
Let your enlightened side come forth
To the power of the oneness
The hymns that I sing
Together we can make this song take flight
The splendor of the sparrow is here inside this song

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