Saturn’s Gatekeeper

$1,100.00 (unframed)

Size: 16.5h” x 13w”
Medium: Pigment Print
Date: 2017
Edition Size: 250
Hand Touched: N/A



Product Description

This statement print re-imagines key elements of the Japanese woodblock print.

In the Japanese tradition, Saturn, also known as Kronos, is represented as an earth-star in ancient times, and was considered the “keeper of time”. Most often the dominant theme in Japanese prints is women’s beauty. In this composition, notice the grace of the central figure’s posture and gesture. Her flowing purple kimono has distinctive decorative aesthetics. As she reaches out for the birdcage her face eclipses part of the sphere of Saturn. In that moment we witness her true identity as ‘Saturn’s Bird keeper’. In this moment of time and space, she is coalescing with Saturn. Her kimono extends beyond the vastness of space, and the rings of Saturn stretch beyond its own orbit.

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