It’s Trickster Time

$3,476.00 (unframed)

Size: 11×14
Medium: Dye Infused Maple Wood Print
Date: 2018
Edition: 50



Product Description

This dye Infused wood pigment print on maple wood is part of a series themed after two classic Archetypes; “The Trickster” and “The Champion”.

This statement wood print offers a dazzling display featuring the trickster disguised as the matador. Classical greek motifs surround the center image, offering the backdrop of the greek theater. Using distraction and intimidation, the trickster tantalizes the crowd with his secret knowledge in order to set the stage for his tricks, disregarding rules and conventional conduct.

The Preface:

There were two brothers born into a family of bullfighters that compete against one another in a special bullfighting match. Considered a performance art, these matador de toros, (lit. “killer of bulls”) are arch enemies possessing opposite style and personality based upon two different archetypes.

The Story :

It is known that this ambitious matador got his reputation early on in his career by auctioning off the first two ears he ever detached from a fallen bull. Considered trophies these ears got handed off to the highest bidder in the arena. To him bullfighting is a means to an end that lead him to fame and fortune. Living with the senses instead of the spirit, he acknowledges the audience and takes his grandstand move by leaping on the table. He declares, “Now isn’t it time to make this sport great again?” He continues, “You can only make it great by asking me how to win friends and influence people and I will show you the techniques in the art of persuading the bull” In a mad flailing of his arms upward, he roars, making eye to eye contact with the glaring bull.

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