Gazing in The Grapes

$3,476.00 (unframed)

Size: 30h”x22.6w”
Medium: Hand touched Acrylic Canvas
Date: 2017
Edition Size: 75
Hand Touched: Available with Pastel



Product Description

Ladies glistening in the moonlight emerge from the four corners of the valley of the moon. It’s after supper, and time for gazing and gossip for the guardians of the grapes. Disastrous fires brought these grape growers together, banding their sharecropping holdings into one large vineyard.
One evening a fruit bat is spotted by the guardians, with the splendor of his spoils. In unison they holler to the bat; “Show us, what you’ve got!”. The bat steps next to his allotment, and teases them by saying; “Lookie what I’ve got here. Look but you can’t touchie!”
Laughing, the ladies reply; “You come here, out for your own needs with fruit brought from elsewhere? They continue; “It’s all grapes and all growers we love.”
Alarmed that he lost their favor, with a hint of a smirk he blurts out, “Well I don’t discriminate. I’ll have you know that it’s all fruit, that I love! The bat continued; “Why not consider extending hospitality to guests, be gracious, and love grapes, growers and guests? He exclaimed; “Allow grape gulpers to groove on these grounds, and let the good grapes roll!”

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